Volunteer with a Friend

Friendships are an important part of our existence. We all have that special person to confide in, laugh with, cry with and pray with. Why not take that friendship to the next level by volunteering together? Giving to others- in the form of time, talent and smiles- impacts you in amazing ways that have a massive influence on your well-being.  Research shows that giving to others makes people

  • Significantly happier
  • More satisfied with their lives
  • Physically healthier
  • Live longer!

Why Volunteer with a Friend?


Jean Fox and Stephanie (Stevie) Morgano both moved to St. Joe County to be closer to their children. Both retired and widows, they wanted to meet people and have fun while doing something productive in the community. Their daughters suggested doing volunteer work, and they contacted the Saint Vincent de Paul Society.

Stevie and Jean have been volunteering at St. Vincent de Paul together for almost two years. They volunteer at the SVdP District Council Office on Crescent Avenue on Tuesdays and at the SVdP retail store on SR 23 and Greenwood on Wednesdays.

“Volunteering with a friend is more fun,” said Jean. “We have a great time together, and always go out to lunch when we’re done. We both felt rather lonely and isolated when we first moved here. However, since volunteering at Saint Vincent de Paul, we have met so many other wonderful people. The buddy system is a great idea, especially if you are reluctant to try new things on your own.”

Stevie remarked, “Volunteering with Jean has added a new dimension to our friendship. Helping those in need in our community has contributed greatly to strengthening the bond we already share. Volunteering is so much better when you do it with someone you feel connected to. We have so much fun, and at the same time we know we might have made a difference in someone’s life…that makes us happy.”

The Saint Vincent de Paul Society of St. Joseph County has volunteer opportunities at five locations: the District Council Office, the Distribution Center and three Community Stores. Volunteer positions include sorting clothing donations, straightening the sales floor, assisting clients through the food pantry and everything in between.

You can volunteer Mondays through Saturdays from 10am to 5pm; you pick when you want to volunteer. Contact the SVdP Volunteer Department at 574-234-6000. Darlene Sweeney can be contacted at darlene.sweeney@svdpsb.org or ext. 12105. Mary Eme can be contacted at mary.eme@svdpsb.org or ext. 12126. If you have lots of friends, we have group volunteer opportunities as well.

What you give…some of your free time.

What you get…memories that will last longer than your tan!

As the old slogan goes, volunteering with a friend will “Double the pleasure & double the fun!”


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